Igor Stravinsky (1882-1971) – Ballets, Stage Works and Orchestral Works – 40 anos de Falecimento

Ainda em homenagem ao aniversário de 40 anos do falecimento de Igor Stravinsky, quero compartilhar essa maravilhosa e imperdível coleção de 8 cds com a Orchestre de la Suisse Romande na regência do extraordinário Ernest Ansermet, e trazer-lhes ainda, um pequeno trecho da reportagem do New York Times do dia do falecimento do compositor.

Igor Stravinsky, the Composer, Dead at 88


Igor Stravinsky, the composer whose “Le Sacre du Printemps” exploded in the face of the music world in 1913 and blew it into the 20th century, died of heart failure yesterday.
The Russian-born musician, 88 years old, had been in frail health for years but had been released from Lenox Hill Hospital in good condition only a week before his death, which came at 5:20 A.M. in his newly purchased apartment at 920 Fifth Avenue.
Stravinsky’s power as a detonating force and his position as this century’s most significant composer were summed up by Pierre Boulez, who becomes musical director of the New York Philharmonic next season:
“The death of Stravinsky means the final disappearance of a musical generation which gave music its basic shock at the beginning of this century and which brought about the real departure from Romanticism.
“Something radically new, even foreign to Western tradition, had to be found for music to survive, and to enter our contemporary era. The glory of Stravinsky was to have belonged to this extremely gifted generation and to be one of the most creative of them all.”

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Stravinsky – Ballets, Stage Works and Orchestral Works

CD 01 – Download Here / Baixe Aqui
L’oiseau de feu
Le chant du rossignol

CD 02 – Download Here / Baixe Aqui
Le sacre du printemps

CD 03 – Download Here / Baixe Aqui
Pulcinella (Marilyn Tyler, soprano / Carlo Franzini, tenor / Boris Carmeli, bass)
Apollon musagète

CD 04 – Download Here / Baixe Aqui
Le baiser de la fée
Renard (Gerald English, John Mitchinson, tenors / Peter Glossop, baritone / Joseph Rouleau, bass)

CD 05 – Download Here / Baixe Aqui
L’histoire du soldat – Suite
Pulcinella – Suite

CD 06 – Download Here / Baixe Aqui
Symphony in C
Symphony in Three Movements
Symphonies of Winds

CD 07 – Download Here / Baixe Aqui
Concerto for piano (Nikita Magaloff, piano)
Capriccio for piano (Nikita Magaloff, piano)
Suites 1-2 for Orchestra
4 Études for Orchestra
Scherzo à la russe

CD 08 – Download Here / Baixe Aqui
Symphony of Psalms (Choeur de jeunes de Lausanne and Choeur de Radio Lausanne)
Les Noces (Basia Retchitzka, soprano / Lucienne Devalier, contralto / Hugues Cuénod, tenor / Heinz Rehfuss, bass)
Mavra (Joan Carlyle, soprano / Helen Watts, contralto / Monica Sinclair, contralto / Kenneth Macdonald, t enor)

Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, Ernest Ansermet

Marcelo Stravinsky